Friday, July 28, 2017

Ice Cream Creation Challenge!

My grandsons were over for a sleepover Wednesday night, so Thursday we decided to do something fun, simple and definitely tasty . . . have an ice cream creation challenge!

For this activity all we needed were a variety of add-ins (candy, chocolate chips, peanut butter, cereal, chocolate syrup, fruit, whatever we could find in the house) and, of course, ice cream. 

The boys chose the "add-in" they wanted to try and had the opportunity to do so with a scoop of ice cream. Caleb tried three different creations - three scoops and Shane tried two. Josiah decided his first choice was the best and stayed with it.

The ice cream creation challenge was a tasty success - we are trying it again Saturday when their parents are here for lunch!

This grandma's house will not be boring . . . tasty, fun and memorable definitely, but not boring!

What do you do for fun with your grandchildren?

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