Sunday, July 30, 2017

Make a Difference - the Legacy Grandparenting Summit Can Help!

There are many things we can and will be remembered for by our grandchildren - my grandsons will remember the fun we had on sleepovers, the waterballoon pinatas, the ice cream creations, the snuggles and science projects, to mention just a few.

But, the most important thing for them to remember is their grandma pointed them to Jesus. I want them to remember how I told them God loves them; they are able to love Him back, God hears their prayers; He will answer them, too, and helped them learn to pray.

Yes, I want them to remember their time with their grandma in very positive ways, but most importantly I want them to remember I love God and helped them learn to do the same.

The Legacy Coalition exists to help grandparents learn to pass faith to their grandchildren. Their second Legacy Grandparenting Summit is just three months away on November 2-4 in Rockwall, Texas! This year the speakers and performers include Tony Evans, Ken Davis, Steve Green, Scott Wesley Brown, Larry Fowler, Tim & Darcy Kimmel, Wayne Rice, John Trent, Steve Stroope and many more! You will find all the details and how to register at this link - this is a conference you will not want to miss!

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