Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Share Your History!

This week I've been writing about some of the family history of my grandparents - how God saved my grandpa and grandma Fullmer from a tornado and how my grandsons discovered slag/rock my grandpa Bristol put in his driveway - which is now my driveway - more than 60 years ago. Family history - important accounts to share with my grandchildren to help them have a better understanding of the people who are in their family line.

I want my grandchildren to know who their great-great grandparents were and how God worked in their lives. I also want them to know how God has worked in my life for many reasons, but especially because they are able to see me, hug me, laugh with me, snuggle in my lap for stories - when they hear how God has worked in my life it does make a huge impact in their lives.

Last weekend I told my grandsons how God used a decision my grandma made when I was just their age to buy a cottage on a lake to one day get me to California on the volcano where I met their poppa, and eventually, through "twists and turns", introduced to people who would years later make it possible for me to be part of the Legacy Coalition!

It is a long story, which at the time seemed like a road with many twists and turns, but looking back now is a "straight path". As the old saying goes, "Hindsight is 20/20". 

I shared my story with my grandsons because I want them to know God works through seemingly unrelated events to bring us to the place in our lives where He wants us - the place which will leave us amazed at His goodness to us! 

How has God worked and led in your life? Looking back are you able to see God's hand moving, leading, protecting and guiding to get you where you are today? Share your history with your grandchildren. Give them a walking, talking, breathing example of how God does these things, so they are able to identify it when He does the same in their lives!

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