Monday, July 3, 2017

Times of Joy Help Us Build Strong Prayer DNA!

A few days ago I shared a "snippet" from the book I'm working on about how David developed a strong Prayer DNA through the sad and difficult times of his life - as we see throughout Psalms. This is true for us as well. Today I'll share the next part . . .

David not only “developed” a strong “Prayer DNA” when he experienced sad and difficult times, but when he was happy and filled with joy as well! David’s prayers in the Psalms used terminology such as; “Sing joyfully to the LORD”, “Praise the LORD”, “In him our hearts rejoice”, “Shout for joy to God”, “I will praise you, LORD,” “with all my heart, I will exalt you, my God the King;”, “I will praise your name for ever and ever” – and these examples barely “scratch the surface” as Psalms is filled with passages like these! 

Yes, when David was happy and filled with joy, he prayed. This also helped him “develop” a strong “Prayer DNA”. As we pray, we will find, like David, those times when we experience joy will help us “develop” a stronger, deeper, fuller “Prayer DNA”, as well.

David was able to “develop” a strong “Prayer DNA”, because he was anointed and the, “Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon” him. He was able to “develop” a strong “Prayer DNA” from the “Prayer Histories” in his family tree. David “developed” a strong “Prayer DNA” in those times when he was sad and discouraged and he “developed” a strong “Prayer DNA” in those times when he was filled with joy! All of these things served to be like the photo paper and chemicals needed to “develop” photos. They all are part of the “picture” of David’s “Prayer DNA” and all had a part in helping him “develop” this strong “Prayer DNA”. These are the same ways we are able to “develop” a strong “Prayer DNA”.

 We are able to grow a strong prayer life through the times in our lives which are sad and difficult (as I wrote about the other day) and through those times which bring us joy. Be sure to share these times with your grandchildren and help them learn to let both these times in their lives push them closer to God.

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  1. This is an important truth to become a part of our lives.