Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Upcoming Anniversary & an Important Example

My husband and I are just two weeks from celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary! We met on a volcano and were married on my grandpa/ma Fullmer's 55th anniversary - both sets of my grandparents and now my parents had/have long committed marriages. They all set the example for me of loving, honoring and cherishing my husband. I never one time heard my grandparents or parents say anything negative about each other - I think this is what the vows mean - or part of it - when we commit to love, honor and cherish the one we marry. (This is a photo of us . . . we were SO young!!!)

Their vows meant something to them - they made the choice to love, honor and cherish one another - and I choose to do the same with my husband, Dave. I believe this is the key - or one of them - to a long and happy marriage. Choose to love. Choose to honor. Choose to cherish.

If I love, honor and cherish, I won't say anything negative about the one I'm married to - I won't say, write, insinuate negative things. If I have a problem - I'll seek godly advice to work it out so I can continue to love, honor and cherish. These things are what I vowed to do, "till death do us part".

I'm so thankful for Dave. He is a gift from God's hand. I love him. I will honor him. I cherish him!  

My grandsons are young, but I want the example they remember of their grandparent's marriage to be one which shows we loved, honored and cherished each other, so when they make the choice to get married (if they do), they will want marriages where they love, honor and cherish their wives. 

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