Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Summer Filled with Wonderful Memories!

School starts next week for my grandsons, but we are going out with a "bang" this week! They came over yesterday for a sleepover - my oldest grandson went to see the West Michigan Whitecaps while my two younger grandsons and I stayed home and made homemade mini pizzas. My six year old grandson took one bite of his pizza and said; "This is really good pizza! I'm a good pizza maker!" He looked at me and said; "You make good pizza, too, grandma, but I make really good pizza!"

The boys will be back tomorrow for another sleepover and then Saturday morning we are taking them to participate in the local Mud Run - well, at least the two older boys. They will run with their dad while their younger brother cheers them on with; "Run faster! Get muddier!!!"  Should be lots of fun!

It has been a busy summer, filled with fireflies, tadpoles, frogs, bunnies, snakes, rocks, megalodon teeth, woolly mammoth tusks, camping in our yard, looking at the stars, moon, Jupiter and Saturn, watching the meteor shower, and more! 

Grandchildren are definitely gifts from the hand of God - why else would you do all these things?

I hope you have had a summer filled with wonderful memories, too!

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