Thursday, August 31, 2017

Rufus Returns . . . And I'm Giving Another Rufus Book Away!

Yes, I'm very happy to say Rufus Leroy Williams III has returned with another fun, silly adventure which will absolutely capture the attention of the children you love! Sterling Children's Books sent me one copy to review - and are making another available for me to give away, so today I'm very happy to let you know about the latest fun with Rufus in Rufus Blasts Off!

Rufus Blasts Off!
Author - Kim T. Griswell
Illustrator - Valeri Gorbachev
Publisher - Sterling Children's Books
Ages - 3+

Favorite Features -
  • It is a "Rufus" book - children are going to love it!
  • Once again Rufus shows creativity and determination to accomplish his goals.
  • Gives grandparents/parents some fun things to talk about with the children they love - not being discouraged, thinking creatively, problem solving, reading is cool, space is interesting and so much more!
Sterling Children's Books says; "'My name is Rufus Leroy Williams III. And I am ready to blast off.' 'NO PIGS IN SPACE.' Rufus the Pig has already sailed the seven seas on a pirate ship. Now he dreams of the Moon, the stars, and Mars! So he bids his mateys goodbye and reports for duty at the space center. But Commander Luna tells him: 'No pigs in space!' Why? Because pigs pester the pilot, do loop-the-loops in the cabin, and always want to push buttons. Then Luna learns she needs someone to read a book live from the Red Planet—or the mission is scrubbed. Will Rufus finally blast off? This third tale about the adventurous pig is sci-fi fantastic!"

Rufus Blasts Off! arrived at my house when my four-year-old grandson was visiting. He had me read it to him right away and is very, very happy with this newest addition to the line of "Rufus" stories! His brothers arrived a few hours later and my six-year-old grandson saw the book, hugged it and took it home with them! Yes, "Rufus" books are a big "hit" around this grandma's house . . . or at their own as the case may be! And since I want my grandsons to love reading, whenever a book comes along which they end up wanting to have read to them and to even read for themselves, well, this grandma is a big fan!

I love how creative Rufus is in Rufus Blasts Off! and how he does not give up on accomplishing his goal of getting into space. I also love how Rufus shows a love for reading and encourages this in the children who love his stories. 

I was able to review the two previous "Rufus" books - Rufus Goes to School - you will be able to find my review at this link and Rufus Goes to Sea - you will find my review at this link.

And, once again, not only did Sterling Children's Books send me one Rufus Blasts Off! for me to review, but they are making another available for me to give away (USA only)! If you are over the age of 18 and would like to enter this drawing for one Rufus Blasts Off! which will be on September 20, 2017, please comment below to tell me which planet you would like to visit if you were ever to go into space . . . for me it would be Saturn, because I love the rings around the planet!

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  1. Thanks Lynn! This looks like another great giveaway. I'm gonna have to look up some of the other books to read to my son. He loves the planets! He knows them all and all their moons. I would have to visit Neptune because of its beautiful blue color. He said he would want to visit Mercury. I like your page on Facebook, follow by email, and I have shared this post.

  2. We love books, and maybe not a planet but would love stars! Following on Facebook, gfc and email subscriber.

  3. Looks like a good read for my four and five year old niece and nephew.