Friday, August 18, 2017

The Top Five Things I Want My Grandsons to Learn!

Life truly is a journey; one upon which we are constantly learning, but when it comes to my grandsons, while I certainly want them to learn to read and love learning in general, there are some things which are at the top of my list of things I want them to learn.
  1. God loves them! If they do not learn this . . . and truly take it to heart, there is nothing else in life which matters. Knowing and fully believing God loves them is essential for them.
  2. They are truly able to love God back and know and walk with Him all of their lives! Knowing God loves them is essential, but it does not stop there! They can know and love Him back! If they do this, they will have lives of joy no matter what difficult things they face throughout their lives.
  3. What it means to truly love all others. God's love for us is not meant to be kept inside . . . it needs to flow out and spread to all of those around us and around the world. I want my grandsons to grow to be men who love and serve others!
  4. God is bigger than we think He is and He is able to do ever so much more than we can imagine! They may face difficult and/or confusing times in their lives. They may experience things which make them sad, but if they know and absolutely believe God is big enough and able enough, they will know to build their lives on Him, because they trust Him!
  5. God's grace is big enough! While I love my grandsons, I do know they are not perfect. None of us are. They will have need of God's grace throughout their lives and I want them to know there is nothing they will ever do which God's grace is not big enough to cover. I hope and pray they will make wise decisions in life, but if and when they do not, I want them to know they can turn back to God and He and His grace will be there for them!
Yes, these are the Top Five Things I want my Grandsons to Learn; what are the top five things you want your grandchildren to learn?

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