Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Top Five Things I Want to See in My Grandsons' Lives

As grandparents we all have things we hope and pray for in regards to our grandchildren, but if I were to think about the top five things I want to see in my grandsons' lives I'd have to say they are for them to . . . 
  1. Grow to be men who know, love and walk with God. I want my grandsons to love God with their all and live their lives as men who do!
  2. Grow to be men who love others and show their love generously. I want my grandsons to be men who care about others, who are kind and who live Romans 12:9-21 - I want them to show love to others, even when others are unkind to them. I want them to know they overcome evil in this world with the love of God and be men who live by this truth! (And in light of the news of this past week, this evil includes groups like the KKK and Nazis - I want my grandsons to understand these groups, and all groups which promote violence and hate are evil.)
  3. They discover the gifts God has given them and find great joy in using them. I want my grandsons to be men who serve in their church, community and even in the world and do so using the gifts God gave them!
  4. They have great joy. Happiness is fleeting and depends on circumstances, but joy is something much more, much deeper and is a gift from God. Joy will help my grandsons go through whatever life brings - the good and the bad, so I want to see them grow to be men who have this joy from God!
  5. They become men who pray. I want my grandsons to grow to be men who talk with God. There is great strength in knowing you are able to not only talk to God about anything, but He wants you to do so and has promised to hear and answer your prayers. I want to see this strength in my grandsons!
The world leads us to think the most important things in life revolve around having more money, but money will not make us happy; at least it will not bring us real joy. Knowing God, loving God, loving others, serving, experiencing joy and being people who pray will give us lives which are fulfilling and have purpose and this will give us joy. These are the things I want for my grandsons. These are the things I pray about for my grandsons.

What are the top five things you want to see in your grandchildren's lives?

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