Monday, September 11, 2017

Be Intentional Because it Matters

Yesterday was Grandparent's Day - I feel like many days of the year are Grandparent's Day for me as I am blessed to see my grandchildren several times a week. And, now they are getting older I'm able to email them to connect on-line as well . . . which I enjoy!

But, aside from the joy these three boys bring me, I feel like every day is Grandparent's Day as every day I need to be a focused and intentional grandma who prays for and encourages my grandsons. I wear a photo necklace of my grandsons and each time I see it, or reach up and touch it I'm reminded to pray for them. I have a prayer journal which we fill with requests - and how God answers as well. And, I pray for them throughout each day as God brings them to mind.

Yes, every day is Grandparent's Day to be intentional when it comes to handing down the faith, because these children matter; so being intentional matters. 

You might want to consider getting the "My Declaration" art print from the Legacy Coalition to remind you to be an intentional Christian grandparent. You'll find all the details at this link.

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