Friday, September 29, 2017

Being Intentional - On Purpose

What does it mean to be an "intentional Christian grandparent"? The definition on pretty much relate to the idea of doing things on purpose. So, if we are "intentional Christian grandparents", then we do things with our grandchildren, "on purpose" and since we are Christian grandparents, we do these things on purpose to hand down our faith. 

While clearly this means we need to plan specific opportunities to hand down our faith (such as you might do with resources such as Science, the Bible & Fun! and
Generations Quest . . . I know, a "plug" for my resources, but I do try not to do this too often!) I believe it also means we are just focused upon being aware of conversations going on with and around us where we are able to connect what is being said with our faith. Or we are aware of activities going on with and around us where we are able to connect, once again, what is happening with our faith.

The coming Holiday season gives us many opportunities to be focused, on purpose and intentional about handing down our faith. Whether it is in pointing out God's magnificent creation as the Fall colors turn and farm stands are full of the Fall harvest or in planning opportunities for our grandchildren to show their faith by serving others - raking leaves for an elderly neighbor, taking baked goods to their neighbors, working to earn money to help people in Puerto Rico, or any other project you might have in mind.

The wonderful thing about being an intentional Christian grandparent (or parent) is once we learn to focus and do things on purpose, it becomes very natural! And the best part is certainly when the fruit is able to be observed in the lives of the ones we love as our faith is handed down! 

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