Friday, September 22, 2017

Christmas & Generations Quest

Today, where I live in Michigan, it is expected to be in the 90's . . . yes, I said the 90's in late September in Michigan. No, this is not typical! (In an average year it would be around 70 degrees outside.)

So, while it is very warm out today, my thoughts are going towards Christmas. I'm thinking about the gifts I want to give my family this year. My grandsons are young (nine, six and four) and so to them, not surprisingly, great gifts tend to be tech focused or with a heavy emphasis on super heroes! And since they love rocks and fossils, should they receive any of these, they would be quite happy for sure!

It is likely my grandsons will receive gifts which put a smile on their faces, but along with those smiles I want to give them something which will have lasting value. Something which encourages their walk with God, because while tech, super heroes, rocks and fossils hold meaning for them today, anything I do which helps them grow in their walk with God has the potential to last for their lifetime.

If you, like me, want to include something in you gift-giving this year which will help your family grow in their walk with God, take a look at Generations Quest at this link. This is a resource I've developed which will allow you to connect with and encourage your family to understand God's Word - no matter the age or location of your grandchildren.

And if you, as a grandparent, subscribe to a year of Generations Quest, you are welcome to share it with all of your children/grandchildren - making it truly affordable (a year is just $15) So, as you begin to think about Christmas, consider giving your family a gift which will help you all connect as it encourages you to grow in your walk with God - Generations Quest!

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  1. Oh my goodness!! Here I was, missing Michigan, and you guys were hotter than we were! It was hot and windy today. Days like today make me wonder why on earth the Ingalls family thought that South Dakota was the best place to settle down! Haha Here's hoping that we both get some proper fall weather soon! Have a wonderful weekend, Lynda!