Thursday, September 14, 2017


There are many important messages our grandchildren need to receive from us, but one of the most important is the truth about how God moves our sins completely away from us when we ask Him for forgiveness. This world - and sadly, people in it - may hold things against them, but God does not. 

We need to be alert and focused on being sure we do not hold things - any things - against our grandchildren, because when they see we give them "clean slates" and truly forgive them, they will more easily believe God will do the same!

If you have been holding anything against your grandchildren, go right now and ask them to forgive you for your lack of forgiveness and be sure they know you completely forgive them as well. It is essential for your grandchildren to know you are a "Grand-Forgiver" . . . you will forgive them for anything and do so completely - just as God does for us.

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