Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Puerto Rico - Pray & a Box Service Project

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting, table and indoorAs you all know, a week ago a horrible hurricane hit the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico. Today, a week later, 95% of the people in Puerto Rico are still without power, water and so many of the things we take for granted.

A friend with family in Puerto Rico posted to facebook today - he wrote; "No power, no water . . . but still we gather. I love my island, my people and it is great to see this (my home church, the church I grew up in and got married in) gathering together for worship, for fellowship and for seeking/praising the Lord. Circumstances don't change who God is; He is faithful and He is true. Los queremos mi gente! Que Dios los bendiga y les de fuerza!"

How often do we get upset over small things (or even big things) and let them push us from the One Who loves us the most? Look at these dear people - they have lost everything and yet, they gather to praise God! Yes, it is so true - "Circumstances don't change Who God Is! He is faithful and He is true."

Please be in prayer for the people in Puerto Rico - check this idea for helping them which was shared by my friend. "Post Offices are starting to open! No package delivery yet, but man, this is hopeful! Find a Puerto Rican in your life, ask them the zip code for their family or friends, then purchase the shipping cost of a large flat rate box - give it to them, so they will be able to prepare a care package and ship it as soon as it will get to the ones they love."

I love this idea! What a great way to help - and this would be a terrific service project for us to use with our grandchildren this Holiday season! If all of my readers helped the children they love raise money - bake sales, odd jobs, car washes, etc. and then used the money to buy the postage to send packages to Puerto Rico - how amazing would this be!!!

I want my grandsons to be people who have tender hearts, people who care about others - especially when those others have such tremendous needs. This is the project my grandsons will be working on this year. (One of my grandsons has a friend who has family in Puerto Rico - my grandsons have been praying for the people in Puerto Rico and now they are praying, in particular, for their friend's family.)

If you do this with the children you love - please share. It would be so incredible if everyone who reads grandma's cookie jar helped someone send even just one box - and got our churches to do this as well . . . this would make a great project for Children's Ministries, Youth Ministries, Family Ministries, etc! We grandmas (and grandpas, moms and dads) CAN do things which matter with the children we love!

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