Saturday, October 28, 2017

Do What Truly Matters With Your Grandchildren

As October comes to an end and November begins, it is a wonderful time (as is any time) to help our grandchildren think about and focus upon showing sincere love to others. So, in the coming days and weeks make it a point to notice when they show sincere love, devotion to others and live in harmony with those around them - no matter their age or if they live near or far to where you live.

Invest in your grandchildren. Focus upon handing down the faith - these are things you will never regret doing and things which truly matter!

And please, visit the new Grandmas with Heart facebook page at this link - I'd sincerely appreciate it if you "like" and share it as well. Be watching as we continue to pray for God to use Grandmas with Heart to help equip and empower grandmas (and grandpas and parents, too) to hand down the faith to the children they love.

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