Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My 2017 Christmas Gift Giveaways Begin Tomorrow - November 1, 2017 with Dough Knights & Dragons!

Tomorrow, on November 1, 2017 my Christmas Gift Giveaway begins with a giveaway of a really cute storybook - Dough Knights and Dragons! (You will find my review and the details for the giveaway at this link.) If you have not yet signed up for this giveaway, please take a moment to do so - it is a great story and sure to be one the children you love will want read to them over and over . . . my grandsons have me read it to them often!

Almost every day - and after the 10th it is pretty much every day - I have a new giveaway . . . several great books, a couple Bibles, three fun Disney puppets, one dog puppet, a resource to help you hand down faith, five photo items, a game, some pretty headbands, an American Girl Doll and a candle - all fun items to win for sure! So, please join the fun - just scroll through the items on the far left of this blog and click on the items you'd like to win for links to the details. It is this simple.

And, please share these fun giveaways with the people you know. Someone will win . . . could be you and/or the people you know!

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