Saturday, November 25, 2017

Beard Hats - the Hat for 2017!

Each year I make a special hat for my grandsons . . . we do live in Michigan and it does get cold here during the winter . . . I want their sweet heads to stay warm! 

Last year I made the hat which looks like a shark has bitten on to the top of your head and the year before they received a hat which looked like a three-eyed alien with a big nose a colorful spots!

In previous years they have received one-eyed monsters, minions - yellow and purple, a hat which looked like their dog, Gimli, a hat which looked like a rocket with an alien in it, and a hat which looked like Agent Perry the Platypus. Yes, they have received fun - and warm hats over the years!

So this year I made them the hats which are fairly normal, except for the beard attached to each one! The boys received their hats after helping to put up my Christmas tree and they look wonderful with their warm beards . . . this year not only their heads will be warm, but their faces will as well!

Beard hats - the hat for 2017!

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