Saturday, November 25, 2017

Crafting with grandma - Snowman Ornaments . . . Handprint Snowmen!

Christmas is just around the corner - if you, like my six-year-old grandson keep track of the number of days until Christmas - it is 30 to go as of today, November 25th! So, if you are looking for an idea for an ornament which your grandchildren can actually make, I thought I'd go back into my "archives" of ideas and found this fun ornament I originally found on Pinterest!

It is so cute and simple to make . . . and a lot of fun to receive as well . . . a snowman made from fingerprints . . . what's not to love?!!! (You'll find the specifics for making this at the following link.) A few years ago my grandsons made these for their parents - and they turned out great! They make great gifts for parents, teachers, neighbors, and to put in an ornament exchange!

So, what do you think? For whom might you help your grandchildren make this fun snowman ornamant?

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  1. These are super cute. I'm going to try them with my 8 and 3 yr old.