Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Remember; Those Small Things are Often Really Big Things!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, think about the things in your lifetime which meant the most to you. It is very possible, many of those were "small" things - the time someone called you when you needed encouragement, the smile on your child's/grandchild's face, the time your spouse surprised you with flowers, the hugs from your grandblessings! These things - and many more - are "small" things, which mean so much to you.

It is easy to think we have to be the grandparents who do the "big" things - buy the coolest gifts, take the grands to the coolest places, etc., but when our grandchildren grow up, the things which are likely to mean the most to them are the memories of times spent with you doing the "small" things - getting a hug when they skinned their knee, being snuggled when they didn't feel well, sitting close while you read them a story, seeing your smile when they told you a joke. These "small" things are really the "big" things and are the things which mean the most!

No matter the age of your grandchildren, take time today to do something special with/for them - make a call, email, send a snail mail, stop by just to say hello! It may seem "small" to you, but to them it will be a "big" reminder of how much you love them. And, do the really big thing - be sure to pray for them, too!

(This photo is from Grandmas with Heart - please check them out at this link and share them with the people you know.)

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