Thursday, November 9, 2017

So the Next Generation Will Know

One of our greatest responsibilities - and joys - in being an intentional Christian grandparent is for us to be faithful and focused in handing down the faith. Tell your grandchildren all God has done for you, so they will know and remember!

Since my grandsons have been young, their poppa and I have been intentional about sharing God's Word with them. We read Bible picture books to them when they were very young (I especially love  Read with Me Bible), then we involved them with projects in Science, the Bible & Fun as they grew. We had them learn to pray the Psalms (We are working together on a version of this for children which the boys are helping to write! More details to come later.) and are using Generations Quest with them to get them to read God's Word with us.

We take them to church with us on Wednesday nights and sometimes on Sundays - or they go to their church. We pray Bible blessings with them, are intentional about connecting every day life with God's Word and answer the questions they have about the Bible and the world in which we live. We believe our grandsons are able to understand the Bible and so we talk about it with them.

But, as we do these things, I have wondered if they really are paying attention. If they remember what we have done and talked about. If they understand what it all means. Last night when we picked the boys up from church, Caleb's teacher told his poppa he was so surprised at the solid doctrine Caleb knew! Apparently they were talking and ended up having a conversation about Lucifer. Caleb knew he used to be God's number one angel, but wanted to be God, so he got some angels to help him as they tried to take over Heaven. Of course they could not beat God, so they were thrown out of Heaven and now he is the devil and the angels who helped him are demons.

Caleb knew one day they would try to beat God again, and then would be thrown into an abyss. His Children's Pastor was so surprised and impressed at all he knew - he is six years old!

I told Caleb I was happy he had listened, remembered and understood the things we talked about and he said there was "no way" he would not have listened to and remembered hearing how God's number one angel ended up being the devil! I guess it is exciting to a five-year old!

At any rate, be intentional and faithful to tell your grandchildren, so they will know the truth and tell their grandchildren for the generations who come!

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