Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Thankful Challenge - Today I'm Thankful for God's Great Grace!

It is November 1st, and with Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, we tend to think about the things for which we are thankful. So, I'm going to post each day this month with the things which fill my heart with thankfulness - please join me and make November the month you focus upon the things for which you are thankful as well.
Today I have to begin the month by sharing how I am so very thankful for God's great grace! I am so far from perfect, I am in need of God's great grace; and He offers it freely and faithfully!

If you have not yet experienced God's great grace - or have forgotten the joy which comes from living each day in light of His great grace, email me ( I'd love to share with you how you are able to experience this great grace from God which fills my heart and life with joy!

And, be sure to share God's great grace with the ones you love. If my grandsons remember anything about me, I want it to be how their grandma experienced, lived in the joy of and shared God's great grace!

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