Monday, November 6, 2017

Thankful Challenge - Today I'm Thankful for My Husband

Thirty seven years ago, on an active volcano I met the man I married - David Freeman. We have been married now for 36 years and without a doubt, next to God's gift of His Son, Dave is clearly God's best gift to me! Dave is patient, loving and kind. He is an amazing husband and I love him - I'm so thankful for Dave!

On top of being such a wonderful husband, Dave is the best dad and poppa - just ask our children and grandsons! Whether it was being patient with our then four-year-old son and letting him "help" with car repairs or coming to the rescue of our daughter when she discovered the horror of spiders hatching in the door of her car or welcoming our daughter-in-law to our family as our daughter or playing with the grandsons, he shows his love in big and small ways every day.

Plus, and most importantly, Dave's life shows a deep love for God - I'm so thankful today . . . and every day . . . for my husband!

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