Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thankful Challenge - Today I'm Thankful for My Grandsons

Anyone who knows me . . . or even just meets and talks with me for like, five seconds, knows beyond a shadow of a doubt, I love my grandsons and am so thankful to be these three sweet rascals' grandma! These three boys are alike in many ways and each is unique as well - God absolutely knew what He was doing when He made these three boys to be the boys they are - and I am ever so thankful He did!

I love spending time with my grandsons, listening to them talk about the things which matter to them, hearing them laugh makes my heart fill with joy and the wonderful hugs - along with the "rascalberries" (raspberries) they on occasion decide to give their grandma - I did say they are rascals!

I also am so thankful to be able to talk with them about Who God is, how very much He loves them (even more than I do!) and how they are able to love and know Him as well. I love hearing them talk about God - their simple, but solid faith challenges me in my own walk and reminds me of what matters the most.

I am blessed beyond measure and am ever so thankful for my grandsons!

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