Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Grandma's Love & Grandmas with Heart

Our grandchildren get bigger and older every day and the
day does come where they are too big for arms to carry or even laps to hold, but they never outgrow our hearts! In fact, our love for them grows deeper and stronger every day.

Take time today to remind your grandchildren how much you love them and how thankful you are God gave them to your family. Let them know your love for them continues to grow - just as they do.

This photo is from the new facebook page for Grandmas with Heart. If you have not yet liked it, please do at this link. Grandmas with Heart is a group of grandmas who want to provide resources which will equip and empower grandmas - and grandpas and parents, too - to hand down the faith. At this time the team of grandmas include Linda Ransom Jacobs (founder of DC4Kids), Debbie Guinn (Editor of HomeFront magazine) Joanie Schultz (Group Publishing), Sherrie Schumann, Cathy Jacobs, Deb del Villar (all from the Legacy Coalition), Naomi Murray and myself.

Please like the fb page and help spread the word as doing so will help us move closer to the point where we are able to provide these resources! Thank you!

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