Thursday, December 14, 2017

Chocolate - a Great Christmas - or Anytime - Treat!

Smooth Dark Chocolate
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Rainforest Alliance Certified™Christmas and chocolate go together . . . at least in my house! I love celebrating Christmas, so it just seems like it is a nice time of year to enjoy a special treat . . . and chocolate definitely qualifies as a special treat!

Over the years I've had the opportunity to review chocolate from some large, fancy chocolate companies. Their chocolate has always been enjoyable and something which makes great gifts . . . especially for my sister, daughter and daughter-in-law who all enjoy chocolate!

But, I have found the best, creamiest and most enjoyable chocolate is not the most expensive. It is actually chocolate which is very easy to find as it is typically carried in your local grocery store. What chocolate could I be talking about? Dove chocolate!

Smooth Almond Dark
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Rainforest Alliance Certified™Yes, Dove! I love it! It is smooth, creamy and oh-so-tasty! And available in many combinations. I am personally a huge fan of their special dark chocolate - amazingly smooth! And, their special Chocolate mint cookie combo . . . well, a bag of it does not last long at this house! I have also found their dark chocolate with almond is second to none!

If you have anyone on your list who loves chocolate, or find yourself needing a last-minute gift, or just want to have a special treat sitting out for guests to enjoy, definitely check out the Dove chocolate at your local store!

Smooth Mocha Latte &
Dark Chocolate Swirl
View Nutritional InformationAnd, as a wonderful - and extremely important bonus - Dove has policies in place to protect those who grow chocolate. They help women farmers in these countries build their own businesses and invest in the communities. They were the first company to use 100% Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa and they are the largest producer of this cocoa in the world. You are able to read all about it at this link, but basically it means you are able to enjoy your Dove chocolate and know it was grown, harvested and processed in the right way.

(While I have personally purchased Dove chocolate for years - and enjoyed it for years - I have to say they sent me a box with their Chocolate Mint Cookie Dove and their Chocolate Mint M&M's - which are also quite a nice treat!)

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  1. I love using their chocolate to make chocolate chip cookies, chocolate mousse and fudge.