Thursday, December 14, 2017

Talk About Your Grandchildren!

Let your grandchildren "accidentally" overhear you sharing with others about the things they say/do. When they hear
you telling about the wise choices they have made and/or the accomplishments they've achieved, it will encourage them to continue to make wise choices and to try new things.

I (Lynda) love to tell how my oldest grandson is so tech-minded; he is nine, loves coding and is able to carry on conversations about it with adults, my middle grandson who is six loves learning about dinosaurs and fossils and my youngest grandson - four years old knows we need trees to make oxygen. He told us if he went into space he would bring potted trees with him, so he would have oxygen to breathe on the planets with no oxygen! (I can just picture him in a space suit holding potted trees!)

Do you enjoy talking about your grandchildren? What is one of your favorite stories about an accomplishment/wise choice your grandchildren made?

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