Monday, January 15, 2018

Be a "Techy" Grandma!

Use tech to stay in touch with your grandchildren -
especially those who live far from you and those who are teens. Email, text and facebook message encouragement, prayers and even a note to remind them how much you love them. Tech provides us a wonderful way to connect with and build our relationship with our grandchildren! Be a "techy" grandma!

My grandsons are nine, six and four - not teens yet and they live near me - I see them several times a week. But, I still use tech to connect - at least with the two older boys. I email them verses, fun science links and verses.

As they get older I'll connect with them through facebook and text them as well. I want to stay in touch with my grandsons and since they will be into tech, I'll use it to help me hand down the faith.

Do you use tech with your grandchildren?

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