Thursday, January 18, 2018

Have Fun & Let Them Know What Matters the Most!

Definitely have fun with your grandchildren! Laugh . . . a lot! Some of the things I do with my grandsons - which often brings lots of laughs are - playing games, making up stories together, special things like Candy Cane Hunts, science projects and (if we get enough snow which stays long enough this year) making snowmen . . . or snow-ducks-of-doom or snow octopus!

Build those memories - on purpose - of enjoying your time together AND be sure they know what matters the most. One day, when you are gone, it matters for them to remember the fun times and the important thing - you loved God and them with your all, so they will do likewise.

I don't leave it to chance for them to know how much I love them - I say it, often. My grandsons say they have heard it "millions" of times - but they do not mind hearing it again! I also tell them how when I'm gone it is my hope and prayer they will remember I loved God and them with my all and they will want to do the same. It is too important to leave it to chance.

Have fun and talk and act on purpose!

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