Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hugs and Cookies!

I live near my grandchildren and am certainly generous with the hugs; as you likely are if you live near your grandchildren. If you do not live near your grandchildren consider sending them e-hugs. Talk with them and come up with your own special symbol for hugs - and send it to them often!

Statistics show 86% of grandmas bake cookies - if you are such a grandma, consider baking some cookies to share with or send to your grandchildren today - it is a fun, and tasty way, to build memories!
My grandchildren are coming over tonight for a sleep-over . . . there will definitely be hugs and I am baking cookies this afternoon . . . my four-year old grandson thinks a grandma should always have cookies at her house . . . and so do his brothers!
I'm baking peanut butter cookies and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies - my family's favorites. If you bake cookies today, what kind would you bake?

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