Friday, January 19, 2018

just for fun - It is National Popcorn Day! Hooray!

Okay, what could be more fun - or tasty - than celebrating  popcorn with it's own "National Day"?! Well, today is truly National Popcorn Day, so get ready to pop your favorite type - white, homestyle, red, black, kettle or drenched in butter - and celebrate!

But, before you start popping, check out the history of both popcorn and it's own special day, which I found at . . . 
  • "The original corn was derived from a small grass with kernels not much different than wheat, careful selection and generations of breeding has resulted in what we think of today as the corn plant. 
  • When settlers came to the New World from the Old Country, they discovered this amazing crop.
  • Sometime along the line it was realized certain corn kernels, when subjected to heat, will pop and reveal their soft fluffy endosperm in a cloud around their shell. Before long it was discovered to be a light and delicious treat, and cultivation led to the popcorn we have today. 
  • There’s actually two types of popcorn, but the familiar yellow popcorn we all see in movie theaters is by far the most popular. 
  • Popcorn has been used for everything from arts and crafts to the foundation of some of the most popular treats around. You will find it just about anywhere you go. 
  • The National Popcorn Board decided this fluffy treat needed a day of celebration and recognition of its own, and thus was born National Popcorn day!
  • There really isn’t anything which doesn’t go wonderfully with popcorn. For a light heart-healthy addition you can skip the butter and shake it down with herbs like rosemary and thyme, or spice it up with cayenne. 
  • Or just forgo the healthy options and bury it under a delicious coating of caramel and bacon, and really enjoy the decadence."
So, how do you enjoy your popcorn? I'm a butter and sea salt fan - especially on white, red and/or blue popcorn!

And, since celebrating Popcorn is fun, I thought I'd share a few popcorn jokes I found online; check these out . . .
  1. Why aren’t there many jokes about popcorn?… Because they are corny.
  2. Did you hear about the popcorn that joined the army?… They made him a kernel. (Veterans’ Day Jokes)
  3. What did the baby corn say to momma corn?… Where is pop corn? (Mother’s Day Jokes & Father’s Day Jokes)
  4. How much do pirates charge for corn on the cob?… A buck-an-ear. (Top Pirate Jokes)
  5. What is a popcorn’s favorite type of music?… POP
  6. What do you call a popcorn’s favorite flower?… Poppies.
  7. Why is popcorn way better than a movie?… Because they are just so much butter.
  8. Knock knock… Who’s there?… Papa… Papa who?… Papapapapapapapa popcorn.
  9. What do you call a “corny” metal band?… PopKORN!
  10. Why didn’t the kernel leave the popper?… He was cornfused. (Top Psychology Jokes)
  11. What music gets popcorn to dance?… Hip Pop
  12. Want to here a popcorn joke?… Nah, it’s to corny.
My grandsons are not having their weekly sleepover until tomorrow, so we will celebrate one day late - with popcorn and a movie . . . or maybe games! But, we will celebrate for sure! 

How might you celebrate National Popcorn Day?

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