Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Learning to Be Thankful & to Show It

I am blessed to be able to take my grandsons to church from time to time on Sundays and each Wednesday evening. I find this a perfect opportunity to help them learn to be thankful and to express their appreciation to others.

This past September I had them help me make 160 cookies, which they took to church to give to all the Sunday morning Children's volunteers (my church is fairly large). The boys had fun making - and sampling - the cookies and enjoyed leaving them for the teachers in the teacher's lounge. The teachers enjoyed receiving the cookies and felt appreciated.

In December they made 60 snowmen clothespin ornaments and brought them to church on a Wednesday night for all the Wednesday Children's Ministry volunteers. Again, they enjoyed being able to thank the volunteers and they were surprised and delighted at receiving the ornaments.

It seems like such an obvious way to help the boys learn to both be thankful people and to show their appreciation to others . . . and a fun way as well! We will be working on another project to thank the Sunday and Wednesday Children's Ministry Volunteers in the next couple weeks . . . and then again before the school year ends.

We will also work on a couple projects for them to do to thank their school teachers as well. I want my grandsons to be boys who are quick to say, "thank you" and quick to show their thanks - learning this just happens to also be a lot of fun!

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