Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Leave a Legacy Which Never Dies!

We need to know what matters the most, so we spend our time where it makes the most difference; where it will let us leave a legacy which never dies. Handing down our faith is the thing which matters the most. Take time today to pray for your children and your children's children and plan a way to grandparent on purpose; to hand down your faith!

Since today is Wednesday, I will be able to work on this with my grandsons, as each Wednesday during the school year, they come to my house for supper and then go to my church's mid-week Children's Ministry. We will have conversations about what it looks like to live their faith and talk about how thankful we are for God's love for us. I love Wednesdays!

Handing down our faith does not have to be hard - actually, most of the time it is not difficult. It is just about connecting our everyday to God and His word, talking with those we love about our faith and helping them see how God loves them, too!

Yes, we are able to also plan special times to connect and hand down our faith, but mostly this happens in our everyday living. It just takes being intentional; planning to grandparent on purpose!

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