Tuesday, January 2, 2018


The Holidays are a time when we often are able to spend
time with family - I have been blessed to do so! Over the past couple weeks I have heard many sweet and funny things from my grandsons, but the following three are by far the funniest and sweetest!

Dave and I gave the boys each several $5 as part of their gifts. I looked through the house for a variety of boxes in which to wrap each $5. I used a star wars bandaid box for one of Caleb's. When he opened it, he looked puzzled, then said, "I'm not complaining, but why did you give me this?" He was trying so hard to be polite, but was clearly confused as to why we would give him bandaids for Christmas!

Then, Josiah opened one of his boxes - he found a box which was for anti-mucus pills. He looked like he thought I had totally lost it and said, "Well . . . anti-mucus pills could come in handy at some time." Talk about polite!!!

They were both happy when they opened the boxes and found the cash!

Yesterday, we celebrated my son's birthday. Great grandpa and ma were going to come, but she was sick. When Shane heard he said; "But she will want to see me. I should go visit her." I told him she would want to see him, but was probably not feeling up to visitors, to which he said; "But she will want to see me!" How sweet!

Funny and sweet - I will be happy to remember for a long time to come! What are your favorite memories from this Christmastime?

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