Monday, January 8, 2018

Point Them in the Right Direction

Definitely point your grandchildren in God's Way by the
words you use, but remember, the strongest and most powerful way you do this is by the example you leave. Live so when you're gone, your grandchildren remember you loved God with your all, you loved them with your all and they want to live in the same way.

My grandsons had a Saturday sleep-over this past week, so they went to church with us Sunday morning. We went to the first service, so after their Sunday school class, we went to the Gathering Place for hot cocoa and donuts (one of my grandson's favorite things to do at my church on Sundays!). As we talked with the people at our table, I said; "Being a grandma is the best thing on Earth!"

My six-year old grandson said; "Except for going to Heaven with Jesus, because it is the best thing on Earth!" He is, of course, right, so I said; "Yes, going to Heaven with Jesus is the very best thing, but being a grandma is pretty wonderful, too!"

My grandsons have heard me talk about loving God with our all. They also hear me say how much I love them; on a regular basis. They know I LOVE them and being their grandma, but they also know I LOVE God and have "caught" the message of God, His love for them and how they are able to love Him back. I'm so happy they know the MOST important thing and are secure in my love as well.

I LOVE being their grandma and I LOVE how God has blessed me with the incredible "job" and joy of handing down the faith to these three sweet boys!

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