Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Any Suggestions?

My grandsons are getting older - no surprise as it is what all children do. But, with this year's egg hunt getting closer I have been thinking about ways to make it more interesting for a nine year old. In past years I always bought my grandsons new sand buckets to use when they went out in my yard to find the hidden eggs - great place to hold the eggs they found. Then all Summer they would play with the buckets in the sandbox. But, my nine year old grandson rarely plays in the sandbox any longer and even my six and four year old grandsons play in the sandbox less.

So, this year I've been trying to think of something to replace the buckets. I'm leaning towards baseball hats - maybe with something fun on them, but we will see. I think they could put the eggs they find in their hats, but I will have to give this some additional thought.

Any suggestions?

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  1. What are their interests? Maybe make it personal for each child? For rainy day fun, we used to do an indoor scavenger hunt and have "clues" like "it is where you lie your head at night"...and have something hidden under their pillow. Of course, harder clues for the older ones. My kids are grown and still talk about those scavenger hunts.