Friday, February 2, 2018

Be a Grandparent Who Seeks God!

We want our grandchildren to be people who seek God - all the time. The best way to help them learn to do this, is by modeling it for them. How do you model it for them, well . . . 
  • Pray. Pray when you have to make a decision. Pray to thank God for how He leads in your life. Pray for your grandchildren - especially when they are able to hear you pray for them. Pray Scripture to God . . . be a grandparent who prays!
  • Read God's Word. Read every day. Read to your grandchildren. Read with your grandchildren (check out for a resource to help you do this). Be a grandparent who reads God's Word!
  • Speak God's Word over your grandchildren in a blessing. Bless your grandchildren at mealtime. Bless your grandchildren at bedtime. Bless your grandchildren when they leave your home. Bless your grandchildren through email. Bless your grandchildren through the snail-mail. Bless your grandchildren over the phone. Be a grandparent who blesses your grandchildren with Scripture!

These are just three ideas for how you are able to be a grandparent who seeks God. When your grandchildren see we seek God - always, in good and challenging times, they will know what it looks like to seek God and will be able to do it as well. Seek God and be sure your grandchildren know what happens when you do this, too! 

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