Wednesday, February 21, 2018

crafting with grandma - Craft Stick Harmonicas

Make a Craft Stick HarmonicaMy grandsons sometimes enjoy crafts, but for them to do so, the craft has to be something a boy will find interesting. So, as I browsed on Pinterest this morning, a craft for making harmonicas stood out as something they might enjoy.

You will find the directions at this link - it is pretty simple. The only supplies you will need are craft sticks, rubber bands and plastic straws . . . all of which I have in the house.

And a bonus is there is actually a science project which goes along with making the harmonicas . . . you will find it at the bottom of the directions for making the harmonicas.

So grab the supplies, gather your grandchildren and have some fun together making harmonicas! (And, if your grandchildren live far away, mail the supplies to them, then call them or facetime to help them make their harmonicas and share the science project with them.)


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