Sunday, February 25, 2018

Pray - God Hears!

Take your concerns and joys to God in prayer; and model this for your grandchildren. God does want us - and them - to do this and He promises to hear, listen to and answer our prayers! If it matters to you, it matters to God. Teach this to your grandchildren - and consider starting a "Prayer Journal" where you all are able to record your requests and how God answers, so you are able to see and remember God's faithfulness in your lives. 

Consider making these verses from Psalm 145 your prayer this week . . . 

Dear God, I praise You for Your greatness, majesty and might acts. Please open the eyes of my children and grandchildren, so they are able to see Your goodness, grace, compassion and love. Please help me trust You and be quick to tell how You faithfully show Your love to me. Please lift those I love when they fall down and feel confused, sad and discouraged. Please help them see how You hear their cries and save them. Please watch over us. Thank You for Your great love for us; I love You, too! Amen.

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