Friday, March 30, 2018

A Few Fun Easter Craft Ideas!

Just a couple days until Easter! Of course, looking out my window this morning you certainly wouldn't know Spring is here - according to the calendar! As I write this it is 30 degrees outside and it is possible we will receive more snow over the coming days, but warmer weather will be here soon! WooHoo!

So, as I thought about Easter I wanted to find some fun craft ideas . . . of course I checked the ideas on Pinterest! Take a look at some of what I found . . . 

  • Surprise-inside "eggs"! I tried to follow the link on Pinterest, but they said it was an  unsafe" site. But the photos do a pretty good job of showing how to make these fun treats! My guess is you use a liquid starch, mod-podge or glue/water mix to "paint" over the yarn/string. Once it dried it would be "stiff" so you could "pop" the balloon, remove the balloon and end up with candy inside the yarn/string "egg"! Looks like a fun project to either make and surprise your grandchildren with them or have them help make and then give to friends, family or neighbors!
  • A fun freebie - 12 printables for Easter fun! Just follow this link and you'll find twelve fun ideas you can use for Easter to decorate and share the fun! My favorite is the "bunny tails", but all twelve are great ideas!
  • If you are planning to color eggs, check this idea for seven cool ways to get a unique look for your eggs! Just follow this link and you'll learn how to make marbled, speckled, drip, rubber band, Chinese tea, stenciled and tie-dye eggs! I like the rubber-band eggs and may try this one with the boys this year! Which one do you like the best?

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