Monday, March 5, 2018

Fun Facts About Names Day

Hello Name Tag Sticker Paper Event GreetinMy name is Lynda and it means . . . "pretty" in most searches, but I have to say I was quite surprised (not in a wonderful way) to learn in other searches it means "snake" and "lime tree"! Hmmm. Interesting!

My husband's and son's names are David and means, "beloved", my daughter's name is Tiffany and means, "appearance of God", my daughter-in-law's name is Jackie and means, "supplanter", my grandsons names are Josiah, which means "God will save", Caleb which means, "whole hearted" and Shane, which means "God is gracious".

Today is "Fun Facts About Names Day". It is pretty easy to celebrate - just learn what your name means . . . and the names of those you love as well. This could be fun to do with your grandchildren - learn the meaning of their names and then make a fun sign for them to put in their room with their name and meaning. One way to do this would be to get dark colored construction paper and chalk - write the name, meaning and decorate!

So, what is your name?

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