Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Oxford University Study

We do not really need an Oxford University study to tell us what we experience and know to be true - our grandchildren are happier when we are heavily involved in their lives. Not only are they happier, but they learn important things when we invest our time in them, such as, reading, new skills, family history, how to respond to stress, treating others with love and most importantly why we believe what we believe.

Yes, grandparents have a huge role to play in helping their grandchildren grow and develop, but along with the teaching we also are blessed to experience great joy as we watch our grandchildren grow to be people who take what we have taught to heart.

Be a grandparent to is heavily involved in the lives of your grandchildren - this is easier to do if they live close, but not impossible to do if they live far. Connect in meaningful ways each week - it matters! 

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