Thursday, March 22, 2018

Take What Matters With Us to Heaven

Oh yes, it matters so much what we do as grandmas (and grandpas and parents, too), because as we invest on purpose in the lives of the ones we love by handing down the faith, the "dividends" will "pay" as they learn to know, love and walk with God. The biggest "bonus" comes when they become the ones who "invest" on purpose and hand down the faith to their own children and grandchildren.

I do not want even one person in my family line to be lost; not even one. I pray for faith to be handed down from me to my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren an on until Jesus returns. They are who I want to take to Heaven with me! So, I will leave behind the confidence in God and His faithful love and the desire to hand it down to those who come after us.

Oh yes, it matters so very much what we do as grandmas (and grandpas and parents, too)!    #grandmas #handingdownthefaith#itmatterswhatwedo #grandparentingonpurpose (This post is from the Grandmas with Heart facebook page - please check it out and like, follow and share with the people you know.)

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