Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring Gift Review & Giveaway - on May 23, 2018 - Water Lilly Adjustable Fashion Cane

I was recently given the opportunity to review some wonderful canes from Harvey Canes/House of Canes. Today I'm very happy to let you know about three of these canes, and announce a giveaway for one lovely cane as well.

Ladies Carbon Fiber Red Burlwood Cane
Mini Folding Adjustable - Blackberry Cane
Water Lilly Adjustable Fashion Cane
Made by - Harvey Canes

Favorite Features -
  • Such a large and lovely variety of canes - something for everyone!
  • Each cane I reviewed was very well made, well-weighted and lovely.
Harvey Canes says; "The ladies non-adjustable carbon fiber red burlwood derby handle cane has a black soft touch handle and checkered style inlaid band with a tapered shaft It will support up to 300 lbs. The ladies mini-folding cane with coordinating, solid wood derby handle and strap is aluminum with an adjustable shaft and will extend from 33"-36". It is a compact 9" when folded, with zippered pouch. The fashionable, adjustable aluminum shaft folding cane has a comfortable wood contour handle with rubber tip. It is adjustable in 1" increments from 27 to 37 inches. The shaft is made of a light-weight aluminum tubing."

If you, or someone you know, needs and uses a cane, you can not go wrong with a cane from Harvey Canes. I have MS, so I use a cane daily. I found each of these canes to not only be attractive, but reliable as well. They will absolutely provide a more secure step and steady support with a sure sense of style and beauty! 

The Ladies Carbon Fiber Red Burlwood Cane is truly beautiful! The soft-grip handle, and dark red shaft fits my "cane philosophy" . . . if you have to use a cane, use a cane which makes a statement! The statement this cane makes is one of lovely confidence! I donated it to my church's resource "pantry" and they will give it to someone who needs it.

The Mini Folding Adjustable - Blackberry Cane is exactly the cane I was looking for. I have a rollator which I typically use when out and about, but there are times when I use my rollator and still need a cane. This cane folds down to a small and easy-to-take-with-me-size - I keep it in the pouch on my rollator. When I need a cane, this one is with me and provides sturdy support - and with the blackberry design, it is quite lovely as well!

The Water Lilly Adjustable Fashion Cane is the cane I'm giving away. It is truly lovely, is easy to adjust to the height you need and the stylish handle with the slight "hook" gives you the ability to "hang" it on your wrist for a moment when you need two hands! This cane will give you, or whoever you give it to, "steady support with a sure sense of style and beauty!"

I'm very happy to say the lovely Water Lilly Adjustable Fashion Cane from Harvey Canes, which they sent me for review, is available for giveaway (USA only). If you are over the age of 18, would like to be in this drawing on May 23, 2018 and live in the USA, please comment below to share if you will keep it, or to whom you would give it, should you be the winner.

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  1. I would keep this for myself. I have had four knee surgeries ..two on each knee..and am sometimes unstable on my feet.

  2. I have a friend with MS and I would give this to her.

  3. If I won I would give it to my mother who has fibromyalgia. Llwaltz [at] gmail

  4. I shared via twitter: