Wednesday, May 23, 2018

But the Bear Came Back - I'm Giving One Away

I was recently given the great delight of the opportunity to review a new book from the gifted children's author, Tammi Sauer. I have been able to review her books in the past (Caring for Your Lion, Your Alien, Your Alien Returns and Mary had a Little Glam) and found them all to be charming, creative and a joy to read to my grandsons. As much as I loved all the previous books by Tammi Sauer, this new one is even more charming, more creative and a great joy to read - and I am so happy to let you know about it today; and announce a giveaway as well!

But the Bear Came Back 
Author - Tammi Sauer
Illustrator - Dan Taylor
Publisher - Sterling Children's Books
Ages - everyone (in my opinion!)

Favorite Features -
  • Everything! (Okay, I'll be more specific . . . )
  • The story - it is so much fun!
  • The illustrations - colorful, full of details which add to the story
  • The message - you never know where you will find a dear friend, so be careful about sending others away
  • Great book to read to grandchildren while snuggled on the sofa - and you are sure to spend time laughing as well!
  • Sure to be a family favorite and classic!
Sterling Children's Books says; "What happens when a bear comes knocking at your door—and won’t go away? 'And I said, "Go home, bear." And that was that. But the bear came back.' Knock, knock. Who’s there? A BEAR! A furry, friendly PERSISTENT bear. And no matter how many times a particular little boy tries to tell him bears don’t belong in houses, he keeps coming back—until, one day, he doesn’t. Only then does the boy realize how much he cares about the bear . . . and misses him. Can he find his friend again? A funny, surprising story about two unexpected pals."

You may have gathered from this post, I am a fan of, But the Bear Came Back - and I definitely am! My youngest grandson was at my house when this book arrived and so of course, I had to read it to him . . . quite a few times! We both fell in love with this story! Since I had a couple Folkmanis bear puppets tucked in my closet, we then had a "bear hunt" for the bears which were in grandma's house . . . yes, the bears and book all went home with my grandson! This story is completely delightful - it is so much fun to read it to little ones and is one of those books you will not mind reading over and over again - because you will be asked to read it over and over again for sure!

I am so happy to be able to say, not only did Sterling Children's Books send me one copy of But the Bear Came Back for review, but they are making another available for me to give away - USA only. If you are over the age of 18, would like to be in this drawing on June 10, 2018, please comment below to share an animal you think would make for an unique, fun and unexpected house guest - I think my grandsons would love to have a red panda or tiger live with them.

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  1. A cute story! My grands would live to have a giraffe as a house guest.

  2. I think an emu would be fun or a kangaroo. I follow on Facebook and email.

  3. I think an opossum would be a fun animal for a story after hearing a friend's experience of their dog bringing one in the house. I am a FB follower, I receive your emails and follow on Google Friend connect.