Friday, May 18, 2018

Help Your Grandchildren Learn With Science & the Bible

My grandsons enjoy science projects, so I try to find and plan opportunities for us to work on them from time to time. But, we do not do this just for the opportunity to learn whatever science lessons may be attached with the projects, but to also make connections to their own walk with God.

We are currently working on the old food coloring and carnations project. It is quite simple - put food coloring with the water in a vase of cut carnations, then wait - possibly as long as a day - to see what happens. My grandsons put blue food coloring in the water and I asked them to predict what they think will happen. At first they thought the food coloring would kill the flowers, but then they thought the food coloring would make the flowers turn blue.

I told them we will find out, but along with thinking about what might happen with flowers surrounded by blue food coloring in the water, I also wanted them to think about something else. What happens when they are surrounded with friends who love Jesus, or friends who do not? What happens if they surround their mind and how they think with God's Word, or they do not? What happens if they are people who pray and go to church, or not? I told them I didn't want them to answer these questions yet; just think about them.

They will be at my house tomorrow and will be able to see what happens to the flowers and we will talk about the answers to the questions about what happens to their hearts and minds as well.

Of course the flowers will turn blue because they have been surrounded by the blue water and had it soak into the flowers and if my grandsons have friends who love Jesus and are people who read and think about God's Word, pray and go to church, so they surround their hearts and minds with God and His Word, they will have it "soak" into who they are.

A simple and fun project to help them think about who some simple choices they are able to make will impact their own hearts and minds. Try it with your grandchildren - and if they live far, connect with their parents and arrange for them to help your grandchildren with the science project and then call them to ask questions and follow up with the results.

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