Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Make This a Summer to Read - and Have Important Conversations With Your Grandchildren

Yesterday I wrote about using the Summer to help our grandchildren learn tonotice, remember and record how God shows His hand and His heart in their lives. Today I want to share a simple way we are able to impact our grandchildren and help them learn Who God Is and how they are able to know and follow Him.

So what is this, "simple way"? Reading books. Yes, books! Books are wonderful tools to help our grandchildren learn Who God Is, whether the book is a Christian book for children and teens or not. First let's look at using books with young grandchildren - near and far, and then we will look at the same with older grandchildren/teens - near and far. I will write a second post today with a few book reviews and recommendations. (Follow this link to read the rest of this post.)

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