Friday, May 25, 2018

Summer Fun & Being Intentional

Ah, Summertime! The grandchildren are out of school and, at least in my case, are spending more time with us. So, what do we do with them? How do we engage them in activities which allow us to pass on our faith and which are fun?

My grandsons are young - will be ten, seven and five, so in our case, we are going to be doing the following over the Summer . . .
  • Add an extra sleepover. The boys already spend every other Friday and every other Saturday night at our home for a sleepover. Since it is Summer, we also have them sleep over an extra night - depending on the week and their parent's schedule.
  • We live in the country, so we get outside and "explore". 
  • We are planning a few days in mid-July when their poppa will take some time off of work - we will help the boys make cards and cookies to take to our local fire-fighters, police and to their pastor to thank them.
  • We are building an obstacle course and tree house in our yard for them.
Of course we will have trips to the park, picnics, swimming, water gun/balloon fights and more for fun, but along with the fun their poppa and I are being intentional to take the opportunity Summer vacation gives for us to build our relationship with them and help them know and walk with God more!

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