Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Show Real Love - Forgive

What is love, really? It is more than a "feeling", it is an "action". "God so loved the world that He gave"! (John 3:16) This is what love is, really. It is grace in action. God loved us enough to give us grace . . . He forgave us! He is our Example. we need to remember grace when our grandchildren do something wrong - as all children, no matter how sweet and adorable and wonderful they are - will do. So what does this look like? Well . . .
  • Pause. Catch your breath and speak calmly - do not yell. God could have been very harsh with us, but He wasn't, and isn't. We need to remember this when dealing with our grandchildren - and with anyone.
  • Communicate. Sit down and put your grandchild in your lap, so you are able to see each other, eye to eye. Share with your grandchild what they did and why it was the wrong thing to do. God is the Perfect Communicator . . . He sent Jesus, so He would communicate with us!
  • Forgive. Explain your choice to forgive is because of God's choice to forgive you. Use the opportunity to point your grandchildren to God's amazing grace and forgiveness.
  • Encourage . . . your grandchild to respond. Help them learn to discern the appropriate response to their actions . . . do they need to ask for forgiveness? Do they need to make some type of restitution? What is the appropriate response?
  • Pray. Pray with and for your grandchild. Give them the opportunity to pray as well if they would like to do so. Share how God ALWAYS listens to our prayers.
  • Move on. Do not hold anything against your grandchild. God does not hold anything against us when we ask for forgiveness. He gives us a clean slate. Do the same with your grandchild and start with a clean slate!
If you are anything like me, you say three words to your grandchildren - often - "I love you!" Certainly continue to do so, but be sure you also show your love by the way you respond when they do something wrong! 

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