Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Terra Cotta Luminaries

If your grandchildren are a bit older - elementary and high school age - I have a fun project you could do with them . . . one which they could use as gifts for parents, school teachers, Sunday school teachers or even something they could use as a thank-you/hostess gift for a friend's mom when they are invited over for dinner or some special event. Terra Cotta Luminaries are pretty straight-forward to make, but give your grandchildren an opportunity to express their own creativity - they could design it to match a season, holiday or just decorate it however they like!

Supplies -
Directions -
  • Allow your grandchildren to draw their design on their pot - one side, simple design is best
  • Soak your pot in water for about 20 minutes to reduce dust
  • Remove from water and allow to sit for about 15 minutes
  • Follow the steps in the video at this link :^)
  • Enjoy your project or give it as a gift!
As you work on this project with your grandchildren talk with them about their design, why they selected it, if it has any special meaning. Lead them in praying for the person they are giving their project to and talk with them about how gifts they make are very special things to give to others. Lead them in thanking God for His amazing gift of grace and forgiveness. Enjoy this time with your grandchildren . . . they will likely remember it all their lives!

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