Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Painted Yard Sticks

Add some color to your garden- let your children use their imaginations by painting on sticks/branches :): As I look out my window the leaves on the trees are still green, but I know in just a couple months they will be bright yellow, deep red and flaming orange as Fall arrives in all its colorful glory! We have a lot of trees in our yard . . . a LOT and these are trees with leaves which will change color . . . then drop. If I only received a penny for every ten leaves, I'd still be a very wealthy person!!!

At any rate, leaves aside, this is the perfect time of year to go for a walk with the grandchildren to enjoy the beautiful world God created! Of course, since I have so many trees in my yard, we would not have to walk far to find the supplies for the craft I found on Pinterest this morning . . . the main supply is sticks . . . and I have no shortage of them!

Go for a walk and gather sticks - sturdy sticks which are longish - about as tall or at least half as tall as your grandchildren. Bring them home, pull out the acrylic paints and let your grandchildren paint them. When the paint dries, let your grandchildren put them in your garden, yard, along your walkway . . . anywhere they choose to decorate and add splashes of color! Painted Yard Sticks . . . what could be more fun??!! Enjoy!

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